Mohyals are devoted to serve others. Mohyals were living like tribes in different areas of Punjab and Baluchistan. 

Dutt Sultan Adhe Hindu, Adhe Musalman

 Jaipal Singh Datta is a mohyal. He is Chartered Engineer, German Brewer , Manger and Astrologer. He works in a Brewery known as Mohan Meakin Ltd, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. 

Gurusharan Singh Datta , veteran nationalist Mohyal visited Badrinath Dhaam, located in Uttrakhand. He visited temple with his Mrs Satyawati, grand son  Mohit and daughter in law Nina Datta. He always helped many mohyals. He is from Jaffarwal Dattan Village. His father Mani Singh and grand father Ishwar Singh was great soldier in British Army. He was rewarded with many rare awards by Queen of England. He retired as Subedar Major from Army.

Former M.L.A and Mohyal grand father  playing with grandson in India