God Bless Mohyals Around The World


My gratitude to respected Brig.( Retd )Dr. Kapil Mohan Padam Shree, V.S.M, PhD and respected Mr. B.D. Bali President of General Mohyal Sabha India. Both are Sun and Moon of Mohyals. We Mohyals get strength or light from them.

My main aim of creating Mohyal World web site is

1.0 Writing family tree of each Mohyal. Only male members names shall be written in family tree. Women is incubator and it creates. Nature has provided this power to her only. Why? I do not know.

2.0 In India we give more value to the "Mother Power" or "Matri Shakti". We say Mother Land and not Father Land. Mother is truth. So separate tree shall be written about women but without any Sub Caste or Gotra. Women do not have any caste or Gotra.

3.0 To connect male tree to mother tree, I shall write marriage chart also, so that family tree can be connected with each other.

Family Tree is written as per the information given by individuals on phone or by e mail. It is not a legal document. All Mohyals are requested to inform me about their family tree. It shall be my pleasure to publish their family tree free of cost.This may help Mohyal Community.

N.T.Rama Rao Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh felicitating Jaipal Singh Datta in a function organized by Telgu Desam Party in Kakinda A.P

Mohyal Jaipal Datta

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Cost of membership by General Mohyal Sabha

Addresses of Mohyals

Addresses of all Mohyals or to prepare a directory of all Mohyals is a dream of many Mohyals since many years. Each Mohyal Sabha of each city is trying. I am of the opinion that it should be the responsibilty of President of each Sabha to know addresses of Mohyals in his area. He should be influential and rich Mohyal. He should be assisted by account person who can handle account and social worker who maintains liaison with mohyal families. I can give each Mohyal Sabha , a platform where they can publish addresses. Please click on Mohyal Sabha and ask for web site. Now there is no need of books. E Books or internet has taken it's place. I am adding many sites where I am adding addresses of Mohyals or any news about Mohyals on this site. See list of addresses under face book as names 4-5 para downwards.

Please send me your name, address, family tree and photo of your family which I am ready to publish on web site free of cost.

Mohyal Mitter

In Mohyal Mitter what ever I like the most I shall try to reproduce here. I Like

Mohyal Ashram Haridwar

One can find out address of Mohyal Ashram.

Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan

One can find out address of Vrindavan Ashram and can plan to stay there. One can find addresses of all donnees

To see your family tree for males click on your caste like datta or Bhimwal or Bali etc and then check your name.

Women can click on Mohyal Women to see their family tree

You can also see your marriage chart written on R.H.S.

I am trying to get information to complete charts. Please send information to jaipaldatta@live.in

Jaipal Singh Datta welcomes Bhaskar Rao Chief Minister of Andhara Pradesh

Mohyal Sabha of the World on Face Book. like it and be member of Mohyal Sabha of the World.

Jaipal Singh Datta

Mohyals on Twitter

I do not know how to use twitter as social networking site. I tried to search names like dutt, datta, mohan Vaid, Bali or bhimwal or lau and whom so ever I found, i am trying to follow so that they may also follow me. Try to develop this new Twitter as news channel for each other. Some times we may argue it is of no use. But I still feel we should all be connected and share and agree or disagree on many issues. I welcome all Mohyals.On twitter I am known as Mohyal World.

Mohyals on Face Book

Face Book is a social networking site. I thought to use it as friend of Mohyals, or a site where all Mohyals can share their thoughts with each other. This Face book can be connected with web site of Mohyals around the World. So I started face book for Mohyals. I had to select name. I could not find any name better than Bhai Matidas. So on face book Mohyals are my friend as friend to Bhai Mati Das, an warrior or person who dedicated every thing in life for others. There are many friends, better word may be blood relations, who are related to one another. All Mohyals are welcome on this site. Read poem of Mr J.S.Bali I Like it


Here progressive total of permanent members of General Mohyal Sabha is given. I am trying to update every month on the basis of data published by Mohyal Mitter established in 1891 Editor Mehta O.P.Mohan and Hindi Editor Ashok Lav, Ownership GMS New Delhi 110067.

I am also writing here name of friends who have given their E mail Address on Face Book of Jaipal Singh Datta. Click on names in list of members on left side. I shall be wrting name and addresses of Mohyals associated to each citi of India . See Mohyal Sabha

Internationalism / Vasudhaiv Katumbakam

Jaipal Singh Datta

Father - Son and Grand Son .

Generations continue. We are born to die. We live to serve or work for the society. Society is one unit of World. We possess special DNA and RNA to transfer knowledge to the next generations. Mohyals are one of the species of this Brahmand governed by planets.

My mother and father including elders in relation blessed me. I am thankful to all of them. May God give Mohyals long life and prosperity.

Sardar Ishwar Singh Datta great grand father of Jaipal Singh Datta. It is informed that he won OBC prize in Indian Army during British Rule in World War I. This photo is rare and indicates clothing style of 19th century.

Sardar Ishwar Singh Datta great grand father of Jaipal Singh Datta. He was OBC of Indian Army.

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In Himachal Pradesh like Naina Devi, Chintpurni Mata, Chamunda Devi, Jwala Mukhi Mata and Durga Mata at Mohan Shakti Peeth